Welcome to Meena’s Journey

A Portal Into Feminine Wisdom

Podcast Series

Join author Mary Lane and her guests, as they explore the many flavors of feminine wisdom that is seeping through the cracks of a broken world—inspired by Mary Lane’s books, Meena , the fiery story of a heroine’s initiation, and Divine Nourishment, A woman’s sacred journey with food.

Music, Human Windchime by Liam Selwyn

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In this eighth episode Mary and her guest, Lee Warren will be talking story about community and Lee shares a beautiful story about how her intentional community walked through their sister, Kimchi’s very conscious death with her.

Lee Warren has been homesteading, farming, and living in intentional community for more than 23 years. She lives at Earthaven Ecovillage in the Southern Appalachian Mountains of Western NC. She is a founder of a Village Terraces CoHousing Neighborhood and Imani Farm, Executive Director of Organic Growers School, and a founding partner of the School of Integrated living. Lee is also an herbalist, writer, teacher, food and racial justice activist, with an avid interest in rural wisdom, sustainable economics, and radical feminism. More information at reclaimingwisdom.com facebook.com/groups

In this seventh episode Mary and her guest, Sue Lukas with talk story about the effects of blocked energy, and how we can keep it flowing, reclaiming our life force.
Sue Lukas is a clinically licensed Eden Energy Medicine practitioner (EEM-CLP) and teacher of Energy Medicine 101 and 102. Sue teaches a variety of classes combining EEM practices, essential oils, intuition; and is a conscious channel, bringing energy work through in the form of guided meditations, visualizations and energy processes for groups and individuals. inner-outing.com

In this sixth episode Mary and her guest Lala Liv Naidu will talk story about how to align with spring from the Ayurveda perspective.

Since 2003, I have worked with wellness, running nutrition-focused businesses in Los Angeles and Maui, and have had the pleasure of supporting many in making positive shifts in lifestyle habits relating to *Nutrition, *Exercise, *Pain and Stress Management. Currently Lala sees clients at her Makawao office for support in Nutrition, and offers therapeutic body treatments. http://www.livnaloha.com

In this fifth episode Mary Lane will share with the audience, from the perspective of the Five Element language of nature, how the energy of spring and the force we call anger can support us to grow into our soul’s design. She includes foods and recipe to support the liver and gallbladder, the importance of a healthy relationship with anger, and how that can even lead to a deep sense of joy and love.

Mary Lane has had extensive schooling in the Five Element System and draws upon it as an articulation of the language of nature. Her book Divine Nourishment supports readers to nourish themselves aligned with this seasonal wisdom, and utilize the natural forces of nature to live by.

In this fourth episode Mary Lane and her guest Trista Haggerty will talk story about our relationship with the Dark Goddess, and how she supports us through transformation.

Trista Haggerty has spent the past 25 years traveling to sacred sites through out the world, studying at the ancient mystery schools.  She guides people through initiation helping them to align with their own Divine humanness and discover their own unique purpose.  She is the founder and director of The School of Inner Alchemy and the co-founder of The Earth Mentoring Institute, aka, Hawk Circle where she and her husband offer transformational retreats and programs. Trista is a certified aromatherapist, herbalist and healer using the sacred feminine arts.  She lives in Cherry Valley, NY on their 200 acre wilderness property with her husband, youngest son of three children and her flock of Icelandic sheep. www.tristahaggerty.com

In this third episode Mary Lane and her guest Jennifer Bonadio talk story about our relationship with our bodies and the gift of embodiment.

Jennifer Bonadio is a Yoga and Meditation Teacher and Massage Therapist who has been in the healing arts for nearly 30 years. Working with the body and learning to translate the language of the body and heart have been her personal path as well as her professional path. At the heart of her work is a deep trust and enthusiasm for the fullness of our human potential, and the practices and lifestyle that can support that blossoming. http://jenniferbonadio.com

In this second episode Mary Lane and her guest, Jade Sherer will talk story about our symbiotic relationship with Mother Earth, the necessity of this sacred relationship, and how it relates to the feminine.

Jade Sherer has guided others in exploring the inner and outer  wilderness of soul for decades.  She was trained at Animas Valley Institute and School of Lost Borders and went on to guide for 15 years there, as well as training other guides on the path.  Her attunement, sensitivity and great love for Earth and her beings drove her to naturally become a sort of tracker between worlds…opening terrains of mystery for the ones she works with.  She is a soul guide, ceremonialist, dreamworker, facilitator and coach for those seeking their true gifts and visionary artistry, both individually and in a wondrous collection of creative retreats that she offers around the world.http://jadepaws.weebly.com http://soulseedgarden.weebly.com

In this first episode Mary Lane shares a little about the nature of the podcast series, Meena’s Journey, why she was inspired to offer it, and how it relates to not only aspects of her two books, but our personal journeys.